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Take a hands-on approach with these web interactives that explore blue whale behavior, anatomy, and communication.

interactive dispay for a whale soundboard

Whale Beats

The ocean is alive with sound! Discover how blue whales and other ocean dwellers communicate. Then use their sounds to compose your own musical masterpiece. What patterns can you create?

augmented reality app preview for mobile

AR Encounter (for mobile)

Explore the blue whale up-close in immersive augmented reality on your phone or tablet! Watch its spectacular behaviors on your own submarine dive, or transform your very own whale from tabletop miniature to life-size giant.

augmented reality app preview for desktop

AR Encounter (for desktop)

Discover the amazing and gargantuan biology of the blue whale, right in your web browser. Take a dive alongside the whale as it swims in the open ocean to see its behaviors up close.