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For Educators

Blue whales are unmatched in their ability to spark curiosity about nature’s extremes, but the opportunities for engagement don’t stop there. The very same questions scientists ask about blue whales can be asked about local plants and animals: How do they communicate? What do they eat? And how do we best observe their behaviors?

By unpacking the story of blue whales, we’re revealing how the techniques and tools scientists use to study this species can be used by all of us to observe and appreciate nature wherever we are. Our materials aim to provide educators in all environments — from the classroom to the library to the home — with the chance to harness the sense of awe these whales inspire, and create authentic and exciting moments of local, hands-on discovery.

two science educators explaining blue whale science

Blue Whale Education Modules

Explore videos, activities, and interactives that take the stunning biology of the blue whale and ground it in local, hands-on opportunities to engage with nature.

Gluskonba and Four Men

Storytime Toolkit

Explore four short stories written in collaboration with Dr. Joseph Bruchac, an Abenaki Elder and scholar of Native American culture, featuring concepts of nature stewardship, community and communication.

También en Español

blue whale title card

12-Minute Film for Events

Can't make it to a Giant Screen theater? This shortened version of the film is perfect for introducing the story of blue whales at community outreach events, and as a kickoff for discussions or hands-on activities.